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Урок №12 для 8 класу з англійської мови за О. Карпюк - An informal letter

 Конспект уроку aнглійської мови з використанням навчального посібника Карпюк О.Д.  «English 8»

Form: 8


Lesson: 12

Topic: It’s Your Life! An informal letter


  • to talk about friendship and real friend;
  • to have practice in writing an informal letter ;
  • to develop students’ writing and reading skills;
  • to provide a stable and welcoming atmosphere in the class.

Outcomes: at the end of the lesson, the students will be able to talk about friendship

Materials: Power Point Presentation, Student’s Book, Workbook.




Slide 2. Greeting.

Slide 3. Introduction. Aim of the lesson.


Slide 4. The icons of the lesson.

Main activity:

Slide 5. Remember .

Slide 6-9. Work with Student’s Book. Look back at the information in June’s letter. Put the topics below in the proper order (ex.1, p.29)

Slide 10. Chatterbox “Do you…”.

Slide 11-13. Work with Student’s Book. Look at the expressions below. Which of them would you put at the beginning(B) and which at the end(E) of an informal letter? Group up the expressions into B and E columns in your notebook (ex.2, p.28)

Slide 14. Gymnastic for the eyes.

Slide 15-16. Work with Student’s Book. You want a pen friend. Write a letter about yourself. Follow June’s outline and use some of the expressions from task 2 (ex.3, p.29)



Slide 17-20.  Task in Working Book. Match the expressions to their definitions. Find the pictures ( ex.13, p.18)

Slide 21. Fill in the blanks with the words below.

Slide 22-23. Task in Working Book. a) Read and learn how to organize your thoughts ( ex.14, p.19)

Slide 24-26. Task in Working Book. b) Follow the steps Anna suggests ( ex.14, p.20)

Slide 27. Interactive task.

Assessment and evaluation:

Slide 28. Ending of the lesson. Summarizing.

Slide 29. Ending of the lesson. Say “Goodbye!”

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