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Урок №8 для 8 класу з англійської мови за О. Карпюк - Best Friend

 Конспект уроку aнглійської мови з використанням навчального посібника Карпюк О.Д.  «English 8»

Form: 8


Lesson: 8

Topic: It’s Your Life! Best Friend


  • to tell about your best friend;
  • to have practice in making and acting dialogues;
  • to expressing opinions about friendship;
  • to develop students’ listening and speaking skills;
  • to provide a stable and welcoming atmosphere in the class.

Outcomes: at the end of the lesson, the students will be able to tell about best friend

Materials: Power Point Presentation, Student’s Book, Workbook.




Slide 2. Greeting.

Slide 3. Introduction. Aim of the lesson.


Slide 4. The icons of the lesson.

Slide 5. Mind Map. Principals of Friendship.

Main activity:

Slide 6-7. Work with Student’s Book. Guess the missing words in the poem (ex.1, p.21)

Slide 8-9. Work with Student’s Book. a) Look at these expressions and say when you use them (ex.2 p.22)

Slide 10-11. Work with Student’s Book. b) Make a four-line dialogue using the expressions from (a) (ex.2 p.22)

Slide 12. Gymnastic for the eyes.

Slide 13-14. Work with Student’s Book. Work in pairs. Ask your partner (ex.3, p.22)

Slide 15. Complete proverbs.

Slide 16-18. Work with Student’s Book. Listen and read. Then answer the questions (ex.4, p.22)

Slide 19-20. Work with Student’s Book. Match the questions and the answers (ex.5, p.23)


Slide 21-22.  Task in Working Book. Think of the right adjective ( ex.6, p.14)

Slide 23. Gymnastic for the eyes.

Slide 24-25. Task in Working Book. Use the words in the box to fill in the gaps ( ex.7, p.14-15)


Assessment and evaluation:

Slide 26. Ending of the lesson. Summarizing.

Slide 27. Ending of the lesson. Say “Goodbye!”

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