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Урок №7 для 1 класу з англійської мови за О. Карпюк - Hello, friends! We respond to greetings from friends.

Конспект уроку «Англійської мови» з використанням навчального посібника О. Карпюк

Form: 1


Lesson 7

Topic: Hello, friends!

Outcomes: аt the end of the lesson students will be able to respond to their friends’ greeting, guess variations of combined instructions.

Objective: to introduce greetings of people you know well, to respond to the question ‘How are you?’, introduce combined instructions.

Materials: PowerPoint presentation, Pupil’s book, Activity Book.


Wаrm up

Start the lesson with greeting. Say “Hello”.

Slide 2. Sing the song.


Slide 3-4. Phonetic exersice

Slide 5. Remember the icons.

Mаin аctivity

Slide 6. Presentation the new structure ‘How are you?’

Slide 7. Watch the video.

Slide 8. Pair work. Act out the dialogue.

Slide 9. Work in Pulip’s book

Slide 10. Physical exercise.

Slide 11-13. Work in Pulip’s book.


Slide 14. Work with Аctivity book.

Slide 15. Online task. 

Аssesssmet аnd evаluаtion

Slide 16. Reflection. 

Slide 17. Children sing the song “Goodbye!”

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