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Урок №7 для 8 класу з англійської мови за О. Карпюк - Family and friends

 Конспект уроку aнглійської мови з використанням навчального посібника Карпюк О.Д.  «English 8»

Form: 8


Lesson: 7

Topic: It’s Your Life! Family and Friends


  • to review family words ;
  • to listen to the dialogues about family and friends and work with them;
  • to have practice in describing friends;
  • to develop students’ listening and writing skills;
  • to provide a stable and welcoming atmosphere in the class.

Outcomes: at the end of the lesson, the students will be able to tell about family and friends

Materials: Power Point Presentation, Student’s Book, Workbook.




Slide 2. Greeting.

Slide 3. Introduction. Aim of the lesson.


Slide 4. The icons of the lesson.

Slide 5. Put the letters into the right order.

Main activity:

Slide 6-9. Work with Student’s Book. Listen to the four dialogues and finish the sentences. Who are they talking about? (ex.1, p.19)

Slide 10-12. Work with Student’s Book. Listen once more. Tick all adjectives in task 1 (Vocabulary) that the teenagers mention in their conversation (ex.2 p.20)

Slide 13. Gymnastic for the eyes.

Slide 14. Find a friend

Slide 15-17. Work with Student’s Book. Do the quiz from a teen magazine. Think of your best friend (ex.3, p.20)

Slide 18. Work with Student’s Book. Ask your friend if you are right about the answers (ex.4, p.19)

Slide 19-22. Work with Student’s Book. Listen to Emma’s answers to the quiz above. Tick her answers. There are two questions she didn’t answer. Which ones? (ex.5, p.21)


Slide 23-24.  Task in Working Book. Write the opposites ( ex.3, p.12)

Slide 25. Gymnastic for the eyes.

Slide 26-28. Task in Working Book. a) There are 31 words used to describe people in the word snake. First circle them and then copy them under the right heading in the grid ( ex.4, p.12)

Slide 29. Task in Working Book. b) Describe your best friend ( ex.4, p.13)

Slide 30. Task in Working Book. c) Stick a photo of a famous person in your notebook and describe him/her ( ex.4, p.13)

Slide 31. Interactive task.

Slide 32-34. Task in Working Book. Write what your friend is like. Answer with YES or NO ( ex.5, p.14)


Assessment and evaluation:

Slide 35. Ending of the lesson. Summarizing.

Slide 36. Ending of the lesson. Say “Goodbye!”

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