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Урок №5 англійської мови для 6 класу за Г.К. Мітчелл, Марілені Малкоґіанні - Hello! Where? What ? How many?


Конспект уроку англійської мови з використанням навчального посібника для 6 класу за автором підручника Г.К.Мітчел,Марілені Малкогіанні “Full Blast 6

Form: 6


Lesson: 5

Topic: Hello! Where? What? How many?


  • to speak about the location and number of different objects;
  • to have practice in using prepositions of place on, in or under;
  • to improve logical thinking ;
  • to develop students’ speaking skills;
  • to provide a stable and welcoming atmosphere in the class.

Outcomes: at the end of the lesson, the students will be able to talk about the location and number of different objects

Materials: Power Point Presentation, Student’s Book, Workbook.




Slide 2. Greeting.

Slide 3. Introduction. Aim of the lesson.


Slide 4. The icons of the lesson.

Slide 5. Treasure Map Adventure.

Main activity:

Slide 6-7. Work with Student’s Book. Where is it? Talk in pairs. Look at the picture, find the things in the box and say where they are. Use the prepositions of place on, in or under (ex.7, p.6)

Slide 8. Role-Playing Activity .

Slide 9-10. Work with Student’s Book. What’s this? Complete with the words in the box. Then listen and check your answers (ex.8, p.6)

Slide 11. Real-life Context Practice.

Slide 12. Gymnastic for the eyes.


 Slide 13-15. Work with Student’s Book. How many? Look at the picture below and write sentences as in the examples. Use the words in the box (ex.9, p.6) .

Slide 16. Mystery Bag .

Assessment and evaluation:

Slide 17. Ending of the lesson. Summarizing.

Slide 18. Ending of the lesson. Say “Goodbye!”

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