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Урок №1 англійської мови для 6 класу за Г.К. Мітчелл, Марілені Малкоґіанні - Hello! All about me


Конспект уроку англійської мови з використанням навчального посібника для 6 класу за автором підручника Г.К.Мітчел,Марілені Малкогіанні “Full Blast 6

Form: 6


Lesson: 1

Topic: Hello! All about me!


  • to speak about personal information like your name and where are you from;
  • to have practice in using the correct form of the verb be;
  • to develop students’ writing and speaking skills;
  • to provide a stable and welcoming atmosphere in the class.

Outcomes: at the end of the lesson, the students will be able to talk about themselves.

Materials: Power Point Presentation, Student’s Book, Workbook.




Slide 2. Greeting.

Slide 3. Introduction. Aim of the lesson.


Slide 4. The icons of the lesson.

Slide 5. Name Introductions.

Main activity:

Slide 6-7. Work with Student’s Book. What’s your name? a) Listen and read . (ex.1, p.4)

Slide 8-9. Work with Student’s Book. b) Talk in pairs (ex.1, p.4)

Slide 10. Self-Portrait Drawing .

Slide 11. Gymnastic for the eyes.

Slide 12-14. Work with Student’s Book. Where are you from? a) Match the countries with the nationalities. Then listen and check your answers. (ex.2, p.4)

Slide 15. Interactive task 1.


Slide 16-17. Work with Student’s Book. Complete with the correct form of the verb be. Then listen and check your answer (ex.2, p.4)

Slide 18. Interactive task 2.

Assessment and evaluation:

Slide 19. Ending of the lesson. Summarizing.

Slide 20. Ending of the lesson. Say “Goodbye!”

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